Big News! The Bird’s-eye Views Are Available for Your Tibet Tours Soon

Tibet, a mystical place that draws a lot of people come to explore, it used to be an only land tour for tourists due to the poor tourist facilities. So, people have a word to describe this--- “eyes are in heaven while the body is in the hell”. That’s why some people who are not in good body condition, maybe too young or too old, are afraid of making a Tibet tour even though they are dreaming of it for a lifetime. But it will regret only for the past, here comes a big good news for Tibet tours. A helicopter tour service will be carried out in Lhasa in August, which means tourists can view the charming plateau landscape from the sky in the near future!
scenery of Lhasa that you can see from the sky
Bird's view of Lhasa city

Why is tour air service in need?
Helicopter services are believed to be necessary for Tibet because it’s more convenient and effective than land transportation. It can be used either for travel services or medical rescue, which is a crucial step to make Lhasa an international tourism city.
Who handles this air tour service?
That’s really so exciting news for people who are planning their best Tibet tours. As you should know, aerial tours in Lhasa is an idea that has been considering by many tourism companies for years. But this time, it will become reality by the Potala Tourism and Culture Group, which is the first company to get approval for flights in designated airspace.
Where can be viewed from the sky?
In the beginning, this airspace covers a part of Lhasa and the Namtso Lake area. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, with a history of 1300years, it’s always the center of Politics, Culture, Economy, Tourism of Tibet. Namtso Lake is 240 kilometers away from Lhasa, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. It’s “the lake from heaven” in the Tibetan language. You can see the gorgeous landscape there especially the sunset and sunrise. But the night there is chilly, and the accommodation is very basic and poor due to the bad natural conditions, tourists can only stay in nomads’ guest houses at the lakeside without hot water or electric. And if peak season, you may only sleep in the tents cause all the houses are booked. That really verifies that word, “eyes are in heaven while the body is in the hell”. But with the helicopter tour service, there are no such worries any longer. You can enjoy the great view without suffering. So, people say it’s an important step indeed in Tibetan tourism history.
the holy lake Namtso in Tibet
Holy Namtso Lake

What types of helicopters are in service?
According to Dawa Phuntsok, the president of the Potala Tourism and Culture Group, the air tours will be provided by four Eurocopter H125s and two Bell 505s. The first flight is scheduled for August, so, the first two helicopters will be delivered in June.

one of the helicopter that used in Lhasa air tours
Eurocopter H125s

helicopter that serviced for Tibet air tours
Bell 505s

Who gonna fly those airplanes?
Except for 7 helicopter maintenance specialists, there are 21 pilots, including 7 women, had training of 8 months in Jiangsu and Yunnan provinces. All of them are Tibetan locals.
Where is the general aviation airport?
In Tsechogling Valley of Lhasa, the airport which is over nearly 4 hectares is under construction. It’s available for 30 helicopters and will be operated in late July.
How to book air tours?

Find your Tibet tour agent, which is better a local operator, ask them for advice and start your air tour in Tibet.