Things You Must Know about Tibet Tours

Tibet is a mystical place that attracts people to explore it deeply. There are many cities and villages in Tibet Autonomous Region, such as Lhasa—the capital city, where there are world famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple; Shigatse, the second largest city, where you can visit different kinds of Monasteries. Besides, there are three holy lakes--- Yamdroktso, Namtso, and Manasarovar, with one in common, the gorgeous landscape. Most important tours are Tibet Everest Base Camp tour and Mt. Kailash Kora tour. Both of these two excursions are suffering in a physical body, but sublimation in spirit. Tourists need to do long time trekking while facing the high-altitude sickness. This post is about some basic information that you need to know before you plan to travel to Tibet. Hope can really help you. 
the famous Potala Palace in Tibet

The Individuals
Tibetan people are strong, adaptable, warm and hospitable. You may get invited to their home to enjoy the real local life. They will serve you the authentic homemade regional food and famous buttered tea. So, it is very important that you need to show your respect for them. You can show your curiosity to their region and life, but don’t judge it.
And there are some suggestions may help you:
1.        Try to learn some Tibetan dialect and use it when possible, such as “Tashi Delek”, the greeting when meeting the first time, means “best luck to you”.
2.       Take photos only when you get permission, especially in monasteries. Most monasteries allow taking photos but charge. But for videos, nearly are forbidden, no matter how much you would like to pay.
3.       Do not discuss political matters. Tibet is a politically sensitive place. I think everyone knows that.
4.       Don’t say anything against their region and belief. Tibetan Buddhism already integrated into their lives, it’s extremely important to Tibetan people.
5.       Do not have any photos of Dalai Lama, the Number One enemy to Tibet. Otherwise, you may get removed from Tibet.
6.       Do not try to purchase any antique items though undercover way. You may get either cheated or arrested.
7.       Do not visit or take photos of sky burial, no matter how curious you are, unless you get invited by a Tibetan. Or people will throw stones at you.
beautiful Tibetan girl

The Meal
The Tibetan food has a distinct character of plateau climate. It’s full of energy. Cooking with water is barely possible due to the high altitude. The food is rich in meat, milk, as well as other high protein-rich foods. There is one kind of staple food---Momos, it’s boiled dumplings that can match with yak buttered tea. The taste is salty and slight yak flavor. Maybe it’s a little strange to you but really helps to warm your body and moisten your chapped lips.
Fruits or juices are not easy to get in remote areas. But you can see name brand carbonated drinks, Marlboro lights cigarettes or Lhasa beer in nearly every store.

yummy buttered tea

Staying Safe

The safety here is not only saying about the geography situation, but also the political issue. As I said before, Tibet Autonomous Region is a politically sensitive place, you must keep yourself safe during your Tibet tours. Do not attend any political protests even if they are rare, you don’t want to get hurt while you’re traveling, do you?