Top Six Tibetan Food That You Must Try During Your Tibet Tours (part 2)

4. Tibetan Yogurt

Due to the bad natural conditions in Tibet Plateau, there are not so much food species for choice to Tibetans. But the high-protein yogurt perfectly fits this situation and provide enough nutrition for them, that’s why it becomes a basic food in their daily life. Yogurt means a lot for Tibetan people, you can see it from the most important feast in Tibet---the Shoton (Xue Dun) Festival, which will be celebrated by eating Yogurt. In the Tibetan language, “Xue” means yogurt, “Dun” means banquet. With a mark of Highland, the Tibetan Yogurt is so different from the one you can buy in the supermarket. With an extremely sour and thick flavor, it is strongly suggested to taste during your Tibet tours.
Although all the Tibetan yogurt is made of Yak milk, there are two types according to the contrasting production process. One is named “Da Xue”, of which the material milk is butter removed. Another one is “E Xue", made of the milk without butter extracted. The traditional process of Tibetan yogurt is very natural. Firstly, heat the vessel of milk that just got within 30 minutes. Secondly, cool it down to around 40 degrees. Thirdly, put some overnight fermented yogurt into the new one. At last, leave the well-sealed vessel out of the house. Then just wait for it fermenting slowly and naturally under the sunshine.
Usually, it’s too sour for tourists that you may feel not tasty the first time eating the Tibetan yogurt. You can add some sugar or honey to neutralize the acid. But the white sugar could not dissolve easily in the viscous yogurt, which forms another distinct flavor with a rustle while eating.

Tibetan Yogurt

5. Qingke Liquor

With a low alcohol degree, Qingke Liquor or Chang is one kind of beverage made from the highland barley. It is loved by all the Tibetan people, men and women, old and young. Thus, it’s a must drink for the happy time when there is a celebration or feast. It tastes sour and sweet while appears bright yellow like a bear. There is a tradition rule called “Bottoms Up After Three Sips” when drinking Qingke Liquor. It means you need to take the first sip, then refill the glass, continue the same steps until you drink it all after the third sip. The hosts will invite guests to drink by singing toasting songs at the banquet.

Qingke Liquor

6. Tibetan Noodle

Tibetan Noodle is an essential food in Tibetan cuisine. Many people think it’s made from the highland barley, but in fact, wheat is the correct answer. After shaping it into thin roll strips, it needs to be boiled and then air-dried. People usually put it into the soup decocted with yak meat as the quintessence of this dish is actually the soup. The meat soup is light and pure without any food additives. It’s yummy enough just along with a little salt and chopped scallion pieces. If you like spicy flavor, you can also put some hot pepper sauce which is mixed with water. The endless savor will be marked in your memory forever.

Tibetan Noodle