Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet - Namtso - the Lake from Heaven

People always say that water is the origin of all the living creatures. Human beings could survive for three days without food, but could not without water. On Tibet Plateau, people need more courage to face the bad natural and climate conditions, thus, the water is more important for them. With the special feeling, the Tibetan locals respect every lake of this highland. Besides, the religious myths spreading widely makes lakes become the holy places for the devotees. There are many lakes in Tibet, most of them are with gorgeous landscape. Today we will introduce Namtso, one of the holiest lakes that worshiped by the Tibetans and interested tourists to travel to Tibet.

Beautiful Namtso 

There is a holy lake located between Dangxiong County and Bange County, that’s Namtso, the lake from Heaven. It’s one of the three holiest lakes in Tibet, another two is Manasarovar and Yamdroktso. With an altitude of 4718 meters, it’s the highest saltwater lake in the world. It’s also the second largest saltwater lake in China as it covers over 1900 square kilometers. The water is supplied by the melting snow from Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains nearby Namtso. Endless grassland is around the lakeside. The whole lake looks like a mirror from the view of the sky. Five islands are dotted on the lake, of which the largest one is 1.2 square kilometers.

Bluewater of Namtso

According to the local stories, Namtso was the daughter of Lord Magmatron. Her skin is cyan, and she has three eyes. She rides a cyan dragon, with a water-bearer in her right hand while a mirror in her left hand. Her husband is Nyenchen Tanglha. They loved each other very much. Before Nyenchen Tanglha went out to look for their yaks, they did have a happy time. It all changed after that big snow called by the God of Winter. In the legend, this God wanted the tribute from Nyenchen Tanglha but get refused. Therefore, he called a very big wind to blow away all the animals and snow to bury their dead bodies on this plateau. Nyenchen Tanglha kissed goodbye to Namtso and promised would come back to her once he found their yaks. Unfortunately, he only found the dead bodies after trekking a few days. This disaster totally pissed Nyenchen Tanglha out that he asked for a duel with the God. But he failed at the revenge and got wounded so badly that he fell into a coma. A young girl named Yamdroktso saved him by chance, took after him carefully. When he woke up finally, he lost all the memories and fell in love with Yamdroktso. He married her and spent 500 years with her. One day, he climbed a mountain and reached the summit. When he was looking around from the top, he saw a big blue lake far away. Suddenly, he heard a broken sound from his heart and all the lost memories came back to his mind, the memories of Namtso and him. He ran back to Yamdroktso and apologized for this wrong affair. Then he started his way back to his beloved wife. This love story was a tragedy because there was no happy ending. When Nyenchen Tanglha finally got home, he didn’t find Namtso but a big lake instead. It was all the tears from Namtso as she could not get her husband back. She died with sorrow and turned into a lake that was still waiting for him. Nyenchen Tanglha cried and dropped down to the ground, and his body became a mountain to be the company with Namtso forever.

Namtso and Nyenchen Tanglha mountain

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