How Much is The Cost of a Tibet Tour (Part 1)

With the development of tourism, Tibet has become a hot tourist site for travelers. Before planning a trip to Tibet, people may have a lot of questions need to be figured out. How can I reach there? Is there safe for a foreigner? Am I must book a tour from a Tibet Travel Agent in advance? But, I think there is a priority among priorities, how much is the cost of a Tibet tour? Is it expensive? Will it affordable for me if I have only a tight budget? Well, I admit that it’s not the cheapest tour you can make, however, we can help you reduce the cost if you really want to turn this dreaming Tibet tour into reality.

The statues of yaks on a hill in Tibet

I wrote this post which is a summary of the costs of a Tibet tour. From the preparing, processing and ending period, you will know how much you will spend generally and design the suitable tour with your budget. Of course, engaging with a good local Tibet tour company will help you save money because you don’t need to pay the unnecessary intermediary charge.

How much are the permits for traveling to Tibet?

Unlike the other parts of China, it requires various different permits to visit the Tibet Autonomous Region due to its complicated situations. Thus, first of all, you need to know what kind of permit you need for staying in Tibet. This is actually the job of your travel agent. There are 8 kinds of permits for Tibet travel, of which you may only need one or two in your case. So, you just need to tell the travel agency your tour plan, which area you want to stay, and they will know what kind of permit you need to apply for. Once you booked a tour with them, they will obtain the permits for you accordingly.
Basically, the Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is the permit every tourist should have before visiting Tibet, which is also called Tibet Visa. It usually takes 8-12 working days to apply for TTP. Most of the Tibet tour companies are claimed to offer this service for free as long as you booked a tour from them. You should know there is no free lunch in the world, but at least they will not charge you for handling fee. After getting the permit, the agent will deliver it to your residence in mainland China by express or let your guide give you when picking you up at the airport or train station. And please be noted that a responsible Tibet tour agency will not apply for TTP for travelers without booking a tour. Because the agent needs to take responsibility for what the travelers did after entering Tibet. No one’s willing to take this risk to offer a TTP only for a commission may be around 10-20 dollars.

Tibet Travel Permit

There is another common permit required for visitors who want to access some certain places in Tibet, such as Everest Base Camp, Mt. Kailash, Samye Monastery, etc. It’s called the Aliens' Travel Permit (ATP), which can be issued in mighty cities of Tibet, like Lhasa, Shigatse, and Nagri. Travel agencies charge it for free as well as the Tibet Travel Permit. You just need to tell them your dreamed destination before making a plan.

The Aliens' Travel Permit

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