How much is the cost of a Tibet tour (part 2)

Continue to our last topic, how much does it cost to travel to Tibet?

A Mani Stone Mound in Tibet - a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism

In my previous post, I’ve written the most two normal travel permits required for Tibet tours. One is Tibet Travel Permit (TTP), which is a must permit for visiting all over the Tibet Autonomous Region, and another is Aliens’ Travel Permit (ATP), which is required for some certain area in Tibet, for example, the famous Everest Base Camp.
At last, some people may need to apply for the Restricted Area Permit, also called “Military Permit”. With this permit, you can access some sensitive border areas. It’s only issued in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. But it’s only can be obtained for fully justified reasons. You will not get it if you are just curious about it.

Tibetan young girls are dancing on the grassland

How much is the permit if entering Tibet from Nepal? (around USD100)

Many travelers choose to continue a Tibet tour after visiting Nepal, as Nepal is a charming country next to Tibet, China. So, here comes the question, what kind of permit should I carry to cross the borderline? Well, don’t worry about it. It’s easy to solve this problem as long as you engaged with a Tibet travel agency in advance. A reliable Tibet tour company usually has a Nepalese partner in Kathmandu, which can obtain the necessary documents for clients. Normally, you should have a China Group Tourist Visa and Tibet Travel Permit to start your Tibet tour from Kathmandu. The travel permit is issued before you come to Nepal and will be shown to the officer by your Tibetan tour guide when picking you up at the Lhasa airport. But the China Group Tourist Visa must be issued in Kathmandu. So, you don’t need to apply for it in your country as it will be canceled in Nepal. In the past, this group visa also can be prepared by a copy of your passport. But according to the latest regulations, the original passport must be provided when applying for it, which means the travelers need to wait in Kathmandu instead of taking a flight to Lhasa immediately. This may be the policy to encourage the development of Nepalese tourism, however, it does cause a little trouble to travelers in a contrary way because it means you need to spend more money on the eating, accommodations if you don’t want to travel in Nepal, or you have to waste some time in Nepal if you just go after a Tibet tour with a tight schedule. The lucky situation is you don’t need to wait so long as the official claimed 7 days, normally 3 days you can get it as long as you find the right tour agent. Of course, it can be shorter than 3 days for an urgent case with an extra handling charge.

China Group Tourist Visa

List of costs for China Group Tourist Visa (single entry) to travelers with different nationalities.
US Citizens: USD140
Canadian Citizens: USD120
Nepali Citizens: USD80

You can ask the travel consultant for a cost if you are from another country. Please be noted that a service fee of USD20/person is usually collected by Nepal agents.