Top Holy Mountain in Tibet – Mt. Kailash

Tibet is a wonderland with stunning landscape and rich culture. There are breath-taking lakes, snow-capped mountains, endless meadow, while there is a desolate remote area with a grand view as well. There are also thousands of religious sites on this highland, such as monasteries, palaces, temples, etc. Tibetan people believe every single lake holds a dragon, and every single mountain has a divinity living on the summit, even every single rock has amazing spiritual power. The bad natural conditions could not give them a good material life but do give them a noble mental life. They venerate nature, especially show their respect to mountains, lakes. I’ve introduced the top three holy lakes in Tibet in my previous posts, today I am going to introduce the top holy mountain in Tibet, Mt. Kailash, the sacred place for all the devotees of Buddhism, Hindus, Jains and Bon religion from all over the world.

The Holy Mt. Kailash in Tibet

Tibet Kailash Tour” is a hot keyword When travelers searching Tibet Cultural Tour on the internet, from which you can see how important Kailash is in Tibet. Mt. Kailash is the main peak and also the second highest peak of the Transhimalaya Mountain in China. It’s located in Purang County, southwest of Tibet Autonomous Region. With an elevation of 6,656 meters (21,838 feet), it is snow covering all year round and has 28 glaciers distributed on. According to the scripture of Buddhism, Hindus, Jains, and Bon, Mt. Kailash is regarded as the center and the birthplace of the world. The stunning scenery and significant religious position make it one of the top ten mountains in China.

The Mt. Kailash in the Morning

Mt. Kailash is called “Kangrinboqe” in the Tibetan language. “Kang” means mountain, “Rinboqe” means Buddha. The whole name means the Buddha in the mountain or the treasure of snow-capped mountain. As the holiest mountain of those four different religions, millions of devotees from corners of the world wish to come to worship every year, however, only a few thousands of them could make it in fact. Because the road is dangerous, the weather is bad. But if you have a chance to visit Kailash when you travel to Tibet, you can see how the devout pilgrims do the religious kora around this holy mountain. They are praying while prostrating on the dirt road, launching to their dreamed destination firmly. They believe their sins will be purged when they completed this kora, which is around 60 kilometers a circle. You can see all their clothes, faces and hands are messy, while the star shining in their eyes. Although there are 8 temples built along with the kora path, where the devotees could stay overnight and eat some hot food, they have to bring some necessary stuff, such as instant food, water, even blanket, etc. As it usually takes 4-5 days to finish a kora by following the clockwise direction, which is really a long journey and full of unexpected situations.

The devotee is prostrating when doing the Mt. Kailash Kora

There is no one record of the successful summit of Mt. Kailash. Apart from the verticality of the hillside and the all-year-round covering snow, there is no human being can stand on the weathering rocks made by the strong wind. The most important reason is, the purest land in Tibetans’ heart - Mt. Kailash, is not allowed to climb.


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