How much is the cost of a Tibet tour (part 4)

How about taking a train to Tibet?
In my previous post, I wrote taking a flight to Tibet for those travelers who had a tight schedule.

The Tibetan people are dressing up for dancing

Actually, there is another better way to experience a different Tibet tour by taking a train. As the third largest country in the world, China has various splendid landscapes from the east to west, from the north to south. So, although it takes you much more time on the way, it’s a good idea to travel to Tibet by train as the scenery outside of the window will not let you down. Besides, it’s said that you can acclimatize to the high altitude easily because it ascends step by step. But this is effectual only you will go out of the coach when the train stops at the stations along the way. If you always stay on the train, it’s not helpful to defend altitude sickness, the result may be the same as you get off a plane.
Compared with taking a flight, the biggest problem is the physical trouble. Thus, it’s best to buy the sleeper ticket since you need to spend a long time on the train. Sleeping on the small bed makes you could spread out a little, at least better than sitting all along. Then, you can communicate with the other passengers on the same coach, who are friendly and mostly tourists as well. Enjoy a happy time with those like-minded people from all corners of the world. Or if they are residents of Tibet Autonomous Regions, you will have a good chance to ask for the touring advice from them. They are usually enthusiastic and hospitable. Think about it, what a great thing is if you make some Tibetan friends on the train and are invited to their family to experience the authentic Tibetan life during your trip to Tibet!

The main cities that tourists can choose to take a train to Tibet

As the capital city of China, Beijing is not only the center of polity, economy, and culture of the entire country but also an international metropolis worth visiting. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, etc. Anyone of those attractions has a dominant position in China’s history. There is no doubt that Beijing is the hottest destination chosen by foreigners to start China Tibet Tours. Currently, only one direct train is served to connect Lhasa to Beijing. That’s why Beijing- Lhasa train No. Z21 is pretty busy and hard to buy tickets, as well as the return one No. Z22. After visiting all the significant tourist spots in Beijing, travelers will cross 3,757 kilometers, spend 40:53 hours to arrive in Lhasa. Experience the different charm of China’s north and west part.

the information about Beijing-Lhasa train

The prices listed on the form are the only net price. The final price depends on the market and the tourist period. Sometimes in the peak season, it may be double times of the net price. But usually, the Tibet travel agency from which you book a tour will offer it with no handling charge.

the information on the ticket of Beijing-Lhasa train

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