How much is the cost of a Tibet tour_part 5_Taking a Train to Tibet from Shanghai

I’ve written how to take a train to Tibet from Beijing in my previous post. Today we are going to talk about another city that most of the travelers choose to start their China Tibet Tours - Shanghai.

The night of the Bund in Shanghai

As the oriental pearl, Shanghai is no doubt to be an international metropolis. When walking on the street of the Huangpu bund, when watching the lights shining on both sides of the river, when touching the old but distinctive architectures, it seems you can smell the history and you will admire the development of Shanghai, of China. There are tall buildings in the central business district, where you can buy whatever luxury goods; there are small houses in the living area, where you can experience authentic Shanghai customs and try the tasty local food. Besides, as its special position in ages, Shanghai is a place where you can see the most alien residents compared with other provinces in China. So, you will not feel strange in such a circumstance. People are friendly and many of them can speak English. In addition, the popular nightlife in Shanghai is another part to attract foreigners. That’s why Shanghai is a great choice to be the first stop on your China Tibet Tours.

the Mani Stone Mounds in Tibet

Why Taking a train to Tibet from Shanghai is a good idea?
Here I give you three reasons. One, there are a few advantages of acclimatizing to high altitude step by step. Two, this train-No. Z164 (return Z166) crosses 8 provinces of China and covers 4373 kilometers in total, which means you can see the different landscape from the east to west of China and experience the variety of local food which you can buy at the stations when the train stops by. Three, except for your tour guide, the conductors on the train will give a running commentary about the scenery out of the window and tell you the stories or legends of each province along with the railway line. Of course, in English. So, we say, although it takes around 47:34 hours to arrive in Lhasa, it is worth taking because you will never feel boring during the trip. And by the way, you can buy Tibetan dishes in the dining coach of the train as well.

Ticket’sPrice of Shanghai-Lhasa Train
Shanghai-Lhasa train is very busy which you can see from the popularity of Shanghai city. Thus, the tickets are hard to buy as well as the Beijing-Lhasa train. The following form is the net price that shows to the public. But actually, the final price is different, only can be higher or much higher, but cannot be cheaper. You have to be prepared that sometimes in the peak season you could not get the tickets even if you are willing to pay more. So, if you decide to travel to Tibet from Shanghai, you’d better book the train tickets in advance or ask your travel agent to book it. Most of the reputable Tibet tour companies can guarantee to get the tickets as they are big customers to train tickets selling system and have some kind of partnership with it. The only matter is the price. But basically, they will not charge any handling fee as long as you book a Tibet tour from them. And their price is normally 20% lower than the market price.

Shanghai-Lhasa Train Information

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