Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Tibet

Tibet, a mysterious place for travelers all over the world, has become a hot tourist destination after years of development. There are many tourist sites in Tibet, which attract travelers by their distinctive charming. For those who don't know Tibet well may get confused when planning a best Tibet Tour. As a local Tibet Tour Company, here we list the top 10 tourist attractions in Tibet based on our 12 years’ experience. You don’t want to miss any one of them when you travel to Tibet.

1.     Potala Palace
Located in Lhasa - the capital city of Tibet, Potala Palace is the highest architecture in the world which is complex of the palace, castle, and temple. It’s also the largest and the most well-preserved ancient palace in Tibet.
Special note: Due to the special political and religious position of Potala Palace in Tibetan history, there are several strict regulations when visiting it, such as No Photographing Inside, No Hat-wearing, No Stepping on the Threshold, and so on.

2.     Jokhang Temple
With a history of 1300 years, Jokhang Temple has a supreme position in Tibetan Buddhism. Thousands of devotees come here to worship every year.
Highlight: There is a statue of Sakyamuni at his 12 years old enshrined and worshiped in Jokhang Temple.

Jokhang Temple

3.     Barkhor Street
This street is called as “the Saint Road” by Tibetan people because it was originated a kora route around Jokhang Temple. It’s also the oldest market in Lhasa. Up to now, many distinctive shops here sell Tibetan handicrafts to tourists.

4.     Mt. Everest
Thousands of skilled mountaineers come here every year, trying to conquer this highest mountain in the world. It attracts the lay people as well. According to the Tibet tour data, Everest Base Camp Trekking Tour is a classical tour package chosen by most foreign travelers for the past few years.

Barkhor Street

5.     Rongbuk Monastery
The highest monastery in the world, also the best viewing deck to appreciate Mt. Everest. The sunset seen from here is gorgeous! Besides, it’s a monastery where you can see monks and nuns together.

6.     Nyingchi
Switzerland in Tibet. The most beautiful place in Tibet. Tourists usually come here for attending the Nyingchi Peach Flower Festival which is held from late March to early April. The elevation of Nyingchi is the lowest in Tibet, which means the risk of getting high-altitude sickness is much lower than other places on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau.

7.     Lake Namtso
It’s one of the top three holy lakes in Tibet, and also the third largest saltwater lake in China. Namtso is known for its stunning view, especially the starry sky at night. That’s why people give it a name – the lake from heaven.

8.     Mt. Kailash
The holiest mountain for Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon Religion. It is regarded as the center of the world. The devotees believe that the sin of a lifetime will be cleared once they finish a Kora around Kailash.

Lake Yamdroktso

9.     Lake Manasarovar
Another one of the top three holy lakes in Tibet. Accompany with Mt. Kailash for centuries. It is the headstream of the top four rivers in Asia.

10.   Lake Yamdroktso

One of the top three holy lakes in Tibet. It looks like a turquoise earring on the plateau from a bird’s eye view. It’s famous for the awe-inspiring scenery. People also call it “Swan Lake”, or “Coral Lake”.