Travel to Tibet from Nepal by Road – the Gyirong Port Was Reopened for International Tourists!

Travel to Tibet from Nepal has always been a classic tour route for international travelers. Dated back to the old times, the only way to enter Tibet from Nepal was to take a flight, which made the air ticket was quite expensive. But this situation was broken since the famous Sino-Nepalese Highway (Friendship Highway) was opened to the public in 1965. From then on, foreigners could get into Tibet from two common ports, Gyirong and Zhangmu. Thus, travel to Tibet from Nepal by road become more and more popular not only because of the lower cost but also the splendid landscape along with the highway. Unfortunately, a severe earthquake happened in Nepal in 2015, afterward, Zhangmu Port was closed and Gyirong was only accessible for Chinese and Nepali residents. So, it turned to the beginning, the foreigners who planned to travel to Tibet from Nepal had to take a flight in the past two years which affected the development of Nepali tourism, more or less.
People had kept asking when the ports could be opened again. And here it finally comes, the government announced that the Gyirong Port was reopened from 29th. August 2017, which could say the best news for Tibet tours recently!

Gyirong Port

The Tragic Earthquake in 2015
It was April 25, 2015, with a magnitude of 8.1, a severe earthquake caused extensive damage to our neighboring country Nepal. So was the border area in Tibet. Therefore, Zhangmu and Gyirong Ports had to be closed without choices, which cut off the trading and tourist connection between China and outside by the road. The government of both China and Nepal didn’t give up but focused on the post-disaster reconstruction. With nearly six-month efforts, Gyirong Port was rebuilt and put into service only for Chinese and Nepalese citizens on October 13th. 2015.

Map of Gyirong 

General Information about Gyirong Port
Gyirong (Ji Long) Port is located in the Gyirong County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. It is only 85km away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and lies to the south of Himalayas. It’s a traditional business center linking up China and Nepal in history. According to the government, this time Gyirong Port was opened for foreign tourists to enter Tibet, which means Gyirong will be defined as an international Entry and Exit Port instead of only the overland gateway for Chinese and Nepalese citizens. With its opening to the international guests, it will be an important port to connect China and the world, especially the South Asian countries, like India, Bhutan, etc. for both trade and tourism. Meanwhile, it’s a great opportunity to develop Tibet tourism. After all, traveling to Tibet from Nepal by road is much cheaper than taking a flight. The cost of traveling goes down, the number of visitors goes up.

Tibet- Nepal Overland Crossing Route

So, many Tibet tour companies had restarted the marketing of their Nepal-Tibet Overland Tour along with this news’ release. Search online and choose a suitable agent, it’s best a local Tibetan travel the agency, to turn your dreaming Tibet tour into reality!