How much are the food and hotels in Tibet

The Cost of the Food in Tibet

As the first time traveling to Tibet, tourists are always wondering how much they need to pay for the food in Tibet. Usually, the cost of a Tibet tour package sold by any Tibet tour company does not include meals (lunch and dinner) except for the breakfasts provided in some hotels, no matter private tours or group tours. Because the travelers are from all over the world, and they have different tastes about the food. But, please no worries. Your tour guide will help you find the local restaurants to eat every day according to your preference.

Tibet scenery

Because of the special geographic situation, the living standard in Tibet is relatively higher than in mainland China. If you have a tight budget, you can arrange yourself USD5-20 a day for food and drink, which is the cheapest way can keep you moving forward. But of course, it’s nothing special but only simple food like noodles, mineral water. If you want something more than basic, it costs USD10 and more for a meal in some high-class restaurants. We strongly suggest you eat some authentic Tibetan food. After all, you have to taste the local food when you travel to a new tourist place, which makes the trip worthwhile. Tibetan noddle with yak meat, Zanba (one kind of traditional Tibetan food made from the powder of highland barley), Qingke Liquor, Butter tea, etc. Check the top six Tibetan food.

Beside of Tibetan food, the most common dishes in Tibet is Sichuan dishes, which is also cheaper than western food. The features of Sichuan dishes are pungent and spicy. You can try if you love chili.

Tibetan Zanba

The Cost of the Hotels in Tibet

You can find all types of hotels in Lhasa from the budget guesthouse to 5-star hotels. And the price is quite different, especially between the 5-star hotels and the guesthouse. For example, you need to pay USD200 per night in a 5-star hotel while you can get a room without an attached bathroom in the guesthouse by only USD8-12. But normally, most of the travelers will choose 3 or 4-star hotels, which is comfortable at a reasonable cost. Price range is from USD30-60 per night depends on the tour time. The 4-star accommodations are more comfortable with better facilities and environment. Thus, you can choose 4-star hotels if you don’t mind the USD100-200 differences between 3 and 4-star class when you join a Tibet group tour.

Here is the truth. Tibet relatively lags behind other provinces in China. Thus, the quality of accommodation is not the same as in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. And some beautiful scenery is in the remote area, where there are only nomad tents or guesthouses, such as Mt. Everest, Lake Namtso, etc. So, please do not expect too much on the accommodation in Tibet. 

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Anyway, the cost of hotels and food in Tibet should not be the problem of your Tibet tour. You can find something suitable eventually. The most important part is to enjoy the trip itself, discover the unique charm of Tibet, which will never let you down.