4-day Lhasa Essential Sightseeing Group Tour

Potala Palace in Lhasa
Potala Palace

Overview: As the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa has its unique charm which draws a lot of followers. With an average elevation of 3650 meters (11,975 feet), Lhasa is the best place for foreign travelers to acclimatize to the high altitude. Nearly all the Tibet tour companies will arrange two or three days sightseeing tour in Lhasa before leading the travelers to some other places in Tibet. This 4-day Tibet group tour is the basic tour package to get a glimpse of Tibet. We could say the tip of the iceberg. You could pay a visit to the must-see attractions in Lhasa city. Let’s get started to have an enjoyable time in the “City of Sunlight”.

Route: Lhasa Sightseeing Tour
Tour Type: Budget Group Tour
Tour Code: G01
Tour Duration: 4 days
Group Size: Usually, there are 4-8 travelers in a group, maximum 12 but rarely over 10.
Available Tour Time: All year round.
Tour Price: From USD450

Itinerary of 4-day Lhasa Sightseeing Group Tour

Detailed itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Lhasa

Today is your first arrival day in Lhasa, our staff will pick you up from the Gongga airport or the train station. After transferring to the hotel, you could wander around after you have a rest. Both the 3-star & 4-star accommodations we arrange for our clients have the good locations. For example, the hotels in Lhasa are near the Barkhor Street, which is the busiest walking street in Lhasa. There are many interesting shops selling distinctive Tibetan handicrafts. Please walk slowly and pack light. Give yourself more time to adapt to the sudden altitude change.

Stay overnight in Lhasa, 3/4-star hotel

Day 2-3: Sightseeing Tour in Lhasa

After one night’s rest, you are going to have two days of sightseeing tour in Lhasa.
Attractions and activities:

Potala Palace: I think you should not feel unfamiliar with this architecture. If you search Tibet online, you can get many photos of Potala Palace, which is kind of the landmark of Tibet Autonomous Region. As the biggest and the most well-preserved ancient buildings in Tibet, Potala Palace is also the architecture complex with the highest elevation in the world.

Jokhang Temple: The center of the religious kora route in Lhasa.

Drepung Monastery: one of the top four Gelugpa monasteries in Tibet, as well as the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. There used to house more than 10 thousands of monks. “Drepung” means a pile of rice in the Tibetan language.

Sera Monastery: one of the top four Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. I think it’s also the most beautiful monastery in Tibet. Monks plant many wild roses in the monastery. That’s why people give it another name --- “the Monastery in the Sea of Roses”. Another highlight is the monks’ debate, which holds in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday.

Stay overnight in Lhasa, 3/4-star hotel

Foreign travelers in Sera Monastery 

Day 4: Departure from Lhasa

Your essential Lhasa tour ends today. Our staff will send you off to the airport or the train station. You can still spend some time before leaving this holy city if your flight/train is in the afternoon. Hope to see you again in Tibet!