Packing List of Your Tibet Tours

So, you already booked a tour from a Tibet travel agency. And you are excited so much when the date is coming soon. But you also have a concern that what should I prepare for the trip to Tibet? Especially, it’s the first time to visit Tibet. Here I list some necessary stuff for a foreigner traveling to Tibet. Hope to help you complete a wonderful Tibet tour!

Prepare your trip to Tibet

What to pack

a.      Most Important Ones
Passport, China Visa, Tibet Travel Permit --- The original one for boarding the flights to Tibet. The copy for getting on the train to Tibet.

Potala Palace in Winter

b. Clothes
Please note that the temperature of the plateau changes greatly during a day. It may be 25 degrees centigrade in the daytime, while below zero at night. Thus, thick clothes are needed in Tibet all year around. You can even see snowfall in the summertime.

So, down garments (those with hats will be better) are must for your Tibet tours. Then, T-shirt, sweaters, warm shoes, and socks, etc. You need to increase or decrease clothing according to the weather.

Most hotels in Tibet have no central heating. The air-conditioners in single rooms do not work well in the cold night.

Whenever you visit Tibet, if your plan includes overnight at Everest Base Camp or Namtso Lake, or a several days outdoor trek in the mountain area, to keep warm is very important. However, no need to worry too much about clothing as you could buy any kind of clothes in Lhasa at a reasonable cost.

You could also prepare some one-off underwears. Ladies, please do not wear dresses or high heels.

c. Shoes
It is very important to have a strong comfortable pair of boots, especially your travel covers the remote area and you have to walk a long distance.

d. Bags
A large backpack, a smaller one, plus a waist bag make it perfect. The smaller one can be used for daily activities and can also be put into the big one when necessary. The waist bag is for taking some small and important things with you.

e. Daily articles
Tibet is not that bustling as the big cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. And, the only available accommodations in the remote area (EBC, Namsto, Kailash, etc.) may be nomad tents or guesthouses. What’s more, it’s dorm-bed type. Thus, do low your expectation of the accommodations in Tibet.
In this case, you need to prepare some own items for your Tibet tours. For example, a cup, a towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, even slippers, and so on. Try to use some disposable stuff which is better for traveling.

Holy Lake Namtso 

f. Skin care products
Wind and solar radiation are quite strong in Tibet. The skin care products are quite necessary, such as lip balms, sunblock, and skin creams, sunglasses.

g. Cash
Remember to bring some cash in different denominations and prepare enough cash for the days you are out of Lhasa since ATMs are few in the remote areas. Mostly, the credit card is not acceptable for your Tibet tours.

h. Trekking equipment
Other trekking equipment is not necessary since the 3-day trekking tour is not that hard. You could rent tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses in Tibet. Of course, you could bring your own sleeping bag to keep your personal sanitary. But, it’s okay to bear it for only one night in EBC.