Enjoy Your Excellent Free-of-Charge Tibet Tour Tickets

You might think it is crazy if I tell you that you could have a taste of an amazing Tibetan tour with no entrance fees for top Tibetan attractions. In fact, it is not a daydream but a preferential policy that has come true, issued by Tibet local tourism authority to promote the Tibet winter tour. As stated, tourists have no need to pay for 115 top Tibetan Attractions at most from Feb, 1 to April, 30. It is incredibly good news for every tourist desiring to come in Tibet and experience “the roof of the world” in person. Worldwide travelers could visit most stunning scenic spots even those rated over 3A, such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Yamdrok Lake, and Mount Everest, etc.

Apart from the free entrance for great tourist attractions, sightseers also could enjoy the half rates for accommodation, suitable for hotels over three stars as well. Moreover, there are special discounts for flights and other transportations on tour as winter have been a slack travel season in Tibet.

As we all know, things like this do not ordinarily occur, especially in Tibet which is an autonomous and sensitive region. As a Lhasa-based local travel agency with over 13 years tour operating experience, Great Tibet Tour could offer you various group tours with popular traveling spots and favorable price. In addition, we could help you customize your special Tibet tour, and provide you with an enjoyable and considerate service to explore a brand-new Tibet you have never seen before.

Grand Potala Palace
Potala Palace

In speaking of our one-stop service, it definitely makes your Tibet tour more convenient and unworried. We could help you apply for and get Tibet Permit as well as any other documents required for traveling to Tibet. Furthermore, we assist you booking flight and train tickets and hotel whether you decide to get to Tibet from Nepal or mainland China.

Here are some most prevalent tourist attractions in Tibet, stunning and well-known. We highly recommend you to visit these spots at first, and we are sure that you definitely love them. 

Attractions for Free

Potala Palace
Potala Palace is the world’s highest palace attracting lots of travelers from all over the world. It is a sacred Palace consisting of castles and monasteries, considered a splendid museum full of Tibetan religion, history and art. Potala Palace is built on a group of peaks. As tourists look at it from afar, it brings out a majestic picture. No one would refuse to admire this extraordinary representative of Tibetan ancient construction. Potala Palace has become a religious and political center of Tibet since 1640s.
Note: we suggest travelers take a rest in Lhasa before they travel to Potala Palace since the high altitude of the Palace might cause sickness for tourists who have not completed acclimatized.

Jokhang Temple
Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is the earliest construction in Lhasa built over 1350 years ago. Actually, the city Lhasa is built around the temple. So, it is not only a sacred place to pilgrim but also a center of Lhasa, which has an incredible influence on Tibetan history and Buddhism culture.