Frequently Asked Question about Tibet Trekking Tours

Many foreigners are interested in a trekking tour to Tibet. Because there are two famous mountains in Tibet that you can trek to. One is Mt. Everest, another is the holy mountain Kailash. However, as the rules change, Everest Trekking Tour is not that possible for a common traveler in nowadays. So, a Kora trekking tour around Mt. Kailash is more and more popular for international guests. Not only for those Buddhist or Hindu devotees, but also for the ordinary public. This post is to help those who are interested in an Mt. Kailash trekking tour make a suitable plan before traveling to Tibet.

Kailash Trekking Tour
Holy Mt. Kailash

A: What kind of people should avoid a Kailash trekking tour?
Q: Visitors with a severe cold, a high fever, acute or chronic pulmonary diseases, severe cardiovascular diseases, women with an advanced pregnancy and children under three years of age should avoid traveling to regions with a high altitude.

A: How strenuous are the trekking days? Are there porters for this part of the trip?
Q: The whole trekking is around 54km, most of the travelers could finish it easily within three days. Yes, there are porters which you should pay for it. Besides, you could choose to rent the Yaks, horses, of which the cost is at your side.

A: Do we need to bring sleeping paraphernalia? (sleeping bags, pillows, mattresses etc).
Q: You could rent tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses in Tibet. Of course, you could bring your own sleeping bag to keep your personal sanitary.

A: How about the accommodations during the trekking tour? The guest houses, are there formal facilities such as laundry services?
Q: Usually, you can choose either a 3-star or 4-star hotel class for those places are available, like in Lhasa, Shigatse, etc. However, Tibet relatively lags behind other provinces in China.
For some beautiful scenery in the remote area, there are only nomad tents or guesthouses, such as Mt. Everest, Lake Namtso, Mt. Kailash, etc.
No, there is no much facilities like laundry services in the guesthouse.

A: During the long travel days, what type of vehicles will be used? Buses? SUV’s? 4wd?
Q: About the vehicle we use depends on the size of the group. For example, if there are 3-4 travelers in a group, we will use a 7-seat vehicle. And if there are 5-8 members, we will use a 15-seat vehicle.

A: How about the Tibet Permits? What kind of permit do I need to trek to Kailash?
Q: Tibet Travel Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permit, Military Permit. You need the three permits for visiting Mt. Kailash. Your Tibet tour operator will apply for them for you.

A: Normally, how much does it cost to finish a Kailash trekking tour?
Q: Nearly all the local Tibet tour companies offer a 15-day Everest and Kailash trekking tour from April to October every year (Winter is not possible due to the bad weather). So, if you join it, it costs from USD1780-2240, depends on the hotel class and tour time.


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